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2010-06-05 19:30:50 by shanez1313

Because my last post was too long ago.


Christmas. Yay.

2009-12-20 00:40:48 by shanez1313

Well, it would seem it's that time of year again. Christmas. This post is pretty much just to get rid of the last one, where I needed an animator for something. I don't because there was no way that would even happen. Anyway, the holidays are here, and allow me to dig the ol' past, shall we? Last year, I put up a little innocent picture and met my first troll, which personally I think I handled alright. My parents saw it and were not happy, but they forgot about it about 7 seconds later. Whatever, it's not like anyone's gonna read this.

animator needed!

2009-08-11 13:09:38 by shanez1313

hello, newgrounds. I haven't made a post in a while, so I decided "why not?" Everyone, I need an animator for remaking a chapter in an excellent story on called "Can You Feel the Sunshine" regarding Tails and the Tails doll, both both of whom characters from the Sonic series. I don't have any kind of flash program, and that is why I need an animator. So if you are interested, I have post a link to said story. However, you'll need to already have a name in order to read it. Click here to see what I'm talking about I'll also need some professional sounding voice actors for this as well. You can audition by sending me a private message on youtube and post a link to your audition. I really want to make this work, everyone! Thanks!


I know what's a medal now...

2009-05-02 17:33:06 by shanez1313

Seeing as I haven't made a post in a month, I might as well do one now. And yes, I know what a medal is, I've got over 400 points worth of them. What do I do with the points? Are they some sort of currency?

What's a "medal"?

2009-03-20 23:24:04 by shanez1313

Recently I've seen on people's user accounts that there are these things called "medals". I still have no idea what they are, so could someone please tell me what they are, please? If you do know, what medals do YOU guys have? How do I get my own? Leave a comment to tell me. I'll aprove it when I can!

just a quick list

2009-02-21 02:32:54 by shanez1313

Video games that I want:
1. Any Resident Evil game
2. Left 4 dead
3. Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts
4. hmm.... I'll finish it as soon as I think of one...

been a while...

2009-01-17 03:25:58 by shanez1313

Well, the holidays are gone and forgotten, and the old routine goes right back into motion. That's good or bad, depending how you see it. It's all about perspective. For those of you sad that the vacations over, look at it this way, we've got a nice 3 day weekend, thanks to Martin Luther King Jr. So just sit back, kick your shoes off, and enjoy Newgrounds.

Oh, and also, Pornomon is a disgusting person who needs help badly.

merry christmas!

2008-12-25 02:27:04 by shanez1313

Merry Christmas to all, and a happy Hanukah to you too! You know... I just turned 14! woop-de-doo for me! I've got quite the gift range here, and it's joy all around! You know... I still need help with the stop motion flash thing... anyone? It'd be a nice holiday gift... oh well. To cheer you all up, I've drawn a nice pic on microsoft paint, tell me what you think of it!

merry christmas!

hello? anyone?

2008-12-19 16:20:13 by shanez1313

a few weeks ago I said I needed help with turning my stopmotion animations into the right file for flash and newgrounds, but nobody's even commented! seriously, I don't know crap about flash, but I want to be known on Newgrounds! Once again, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, HELP!
(P.S. , my B-day & Christmas is creeping up close! :-D)


2008-12-10 22:52:37 by shanez1313

okay, i have no freakin' idea what im doing. someone please help me with converting my stop motion animations to flash! i'd really appriciate it if someone with experiance helps me out, just make a list of what i need or something like that, i dont care, but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, HELP!